It’s been a while, guys.

I’d like to introduce you to my parasite, Mini Captain. He is a 25 week old fetus, and already a pain in my ass.

Pregnancy is weird. I didn’t get the morning sickness that everyone talks about. I still haven’t got that glow. I waddle now, but not because I’ve gained a lot. I’m overweight, but my total weight gain has been less than 10 lbs. The headaches suck and the fact that I can’t lift anything anymore is really annoying. My center of balance has shifted so dramatically that sometimes it’s hard to get out of things.


I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Feeling a child move within you is a wonderful and bizarre thing. It scares a lot of women. The itchy, crawly feeling that happens sometimes is super creepy. The flops that he does is sometimes so strong it startles me. He jumps at loud noises and makes me jump. Having something…sentient living inside you makes you feel weird.

CTS and I are both excited to teach the parasite about everything geeky. I have a wide knowledge of geeky things, so does CTS. He will be well-rounded. Space themed nursery with all the Star Wars and Doctor Who and Cthulhu things we can get our hands on.

I’ll start posting more about what it’s like to breed a geek. I’m not the only one out there that has or will be doing this, but I’m the only pregnant one posting on here. CTS will be posting at being a father for the first time. We both got new jobs to give our boy the best life possible, and we for sure will. It will be an amazing ride, and I am happy to take you with me.