In 2009 six nerdy friends gathered for food, drinks and a movie…

The Nerdery Public was born out of their love for all things geek and the desire to force their nerdpinions on the rest of the world. Or, at least, the interwebz.

Our Fracking Founders

Amy Winston
My life goal is to be part of a JJ Abrams reboot of Buck Rogers, consult on a badass Red Sonja movie, and create a sci-fi franchise inspired by Star Wars and Farscape. Plus it would be nice to someday truly be considered a BAMF (by someone other than my cats). READ MORE…

Bella Blitz
My goal in life is to drink whiskey and smoke a cigarette while being called a “classy broad” and getting slapped on the ass by a stranger (my standards are not very high). READ MORE… 

Doktor Schadenfreude

Goody Ludd
My life goal? To stay alive, and with what’s coming if you have some other goal then you will be dust like the rest. READ MORE…

I want to live in a world that looks like a set from “Mad Men,” but is populated by characters from Tim Burton films. Oh, and I’d like it to be on another planet. In the future. Is that too much to ask? READ MORE…


Our Geeky Guest Contributors

Dean Forty Three
Dean Richard is the author of the 3024AD series, a science/speculative fiction series of short stories and novels. Short stories can be read for free and you can follow him on Twitter @DeanFortyThree.

Well, hey, I’m Jen. I craft. I also like to write. And I like to sell the stuff I make, so I can make more. And it makes me happy. I like to write because, well, I do. I was an English major. And a business major.  That’s a double major … Follow me on Twitter @daharaDreams.


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