SIX OF THE BEST… things about iPhones

This is the first in a three-week series about cell phones.

In the US, the smartphone battle comes down to two major players: Apple and Google — or, more specifically, iOS and Android. Now, regardless […]

SIX OF THE BEST… Space Quest games

For several months now I’ve been considering how to approach the topic of the classic Sierra On-Line games from the late 80s and early 90s. I played a bunch of them, but my favorites […]

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    SIX OF THE BEST… writers to take over for George RR Martin

SIX OF THE BEST… writers to take over for George RR Martin

It’s well-known by fans of A Song of Ice and Fire that George RR Martin has had some health problems in the past, some of which contributed to the delays in his latest book. […]

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