SIX OF THE BEST… stupid little life hacks

We all have our own personal life hacks, right? Stuff we do to make our lives easier? I mean, you’re talking to the guy who, as a kid, would rearrange his bedroom furniture at […]

Bruce Campbell vs. Army of Alternate Endings

The Evil Dead films. You know them. You may love them. I do.
The first Evil Dead film was the second DVD I owned, when I suddenly found myself being dragged into the 21st century. […]

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    SIX OF THE WORST… things that annoy me about the Android/iPhone battle

SIX OF THE WORST… things that annoy me about the Android/iPhone battle

This is the third in a three-week series about cell phones.

Though the battle has died down some in recent years, especially with the big Android manufacturers avoiding Apple’s release dates like the plague, there’s […]

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